US City to Vote on Banning Cruise Ships Amid ‘Overwhelming’ Tourism

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The good people of Juneau, Alaska are about to tell some cruise ships to take a hike – or should I say, take a sail? The capital city is gearing up to vote on “ship free Saturdays,” which would give the boot to any cruise ships carrying more than 250 people on Saturdays and the Fourth of July. Talk about a holiday buzzkill for the nautical tourism industry!

Too Many Tourists, Too Little Town

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Don’t these Alaskans want our money?” Well, apparently, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Juneau, with its whopping population of 32,000, is getting swamped by boatloads (literally) of tourists during the warmer months. It’s like trying to fit a whale into a kiddie pool – something’s gotta give.

Local resident Deborah Craig put it this way: “It’s about preserving the lifestyle that keeps us in Juneau, which is about clean air, clean water, pristine environment and easy access to trails, easy access to water sports and nature.” In other words, they’d like to enjoy their own backyard without tripping over fanny packs and selfie sticks.

Not Just Another Case of “Not In My Backyard”

Before you start thinking these Alaskans are just being party poopers, Craig wants you to know they’re not trying to be unfriendly. It’s just that they’ve had it up to their snow-capped ears with tourists trampling all over their slice of paradise. Can you blame them? Imagine if thousands of strangers showed up at your house every day to use your bathroom and take pictures of your living room.

The Great Tourism Pushback

Juneau isn’t the only place telling tourists to pump the brakes. Barcelona locals have resorted to spraying tourists with water guns (talk about a warm welcome), and Fuji, Japan has gone as far as blocking views of its famous mountain. It’s like the whole world is playing a giant game of “Keep Away” with tourists.

But What About the Benjamins?

Of course, not everyone in Juneau is on board with this ship-free idea. Shop owners like Laura McDonnell, who makes a whopping 98% of her revenue during tourist season, are worried about the impact on local businesses. It’s the classic battle of lifestyle vs. livelihood, and there’s no easy answer.

So, what’s next for Juneau? The big vote on “ship free Saturdays” is set for October 1st. Until then, the debate rages on. Will Juneau become a peaceful haven one day a week, or will it continue to be the Las Vegas of the Last Frontier? Only time (and votes) will tell.

In the meantime, if you’re planning a cruise to Alaska, you might want to check your itinerary. And maybe pack a water gun, just in case.

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