Southwest Launches Fourth of July Flight Deal Bonanza

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Southwest Airlines is ringing in Independence Day with a bang, offering travelers a chance to snag flight deals starting at just $59. This limited-time promotion, running until July 8, promises to make your summer and fall travel plans a bit more budget-friendly.

Destination Deals and Date Details

The sale covers a wide range of travel dates, varying by destination:

  • Continental U.S. flights: August 6 to December 18
  • Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and international destinations: August 20 to December 17

However, savvy travelers should note the blackout dates:

  • Continental U.S.: September 2, October 14, November 22-27, November 29 to December 2
  • Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and international returns: September 3 and December 3
  • Intra-Hawaii flights: September 3

Standout Savings

Some of the most eye-catching deals include:

  1. Nashville to Chicago-Midway: $59 or 3,800 points
  2. Maui to Honolulu: $59 or 3,800 points
  3. Los Angeles to Reno: $59 or 3,800 points
  4. Phoenix to Denver: $59 or 3,800 points
  5. Dallas to Omaha: $66 or 3,889 points

For the flexible flyer, Southwest’s Low Fare Calendar offers a visual way to hunt down the best deals across multiple months.

Making the Most of the Sale

While these deals are tempting, it’s worth remembering that the cheapest fares often come with less flexibility. The “Wanna Get Away” fare class, while budget-friendly, may have more restrictions than other options.

As always, it’s wise to compare these sale prices with other airlines and consider factors like baggage fees and change policies before booking. Southwest’s generous baggage allowance (two free checked bags) could make their deals even more attractive for those planning longer trips.

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